Pillars of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is expected to grow 19% to almost $130 billion this year, approximately 54% of total US ad spending. Year after year, traditional marketing in print and newspaper continue to slowly decline as spending continues to shift online. Digital Marketing offers unrivaled targeting capabilities, audience reach, and accessibility. Digital Marketing has now become an inevitable part of every business with an online presence. If you want to stay in the game, you need to amp up your Digital Marketing strategies. What exactly are the pillars of digital marketing? Let’s have a brief look at them to understand better:

Social Media Marketing:

Everyone these days has marked their online identity with a presence on at least one social media platform – be it Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. Engaging and growing these audiences is a moving target as these platforms evolve alongside new advertising formats, targeting capabilities, and even restrictions caused by regulation. Harnessing and mastering these capabilities to grow your business audience organically and through paid advertising on social media platforms is one pillar or digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing:

Each day Google serves about 3.5 billion search results each day. Optimizing your website to improve its ability to rank well and receive traffic from these searchers is one of the most important aspects of building your digital presence. The two essential aspects for any digital property are on-page SEO factors and off-page factors, commonly referred to as link building and content marketing. Creating well-written, long-form, and informative content using information architecture and rich media (images, videos, infographics) will help make your content engaging for users and valuable to Google. Getting this content linked to and featured by authoritative publications in your industry, known as link signals, are important because they demonstrate to Google that the internet finds your website and content useful.

Email marketing:

Email campaigns are a powerful strategy to keep your audience engaged and to be able to bring them back to your digital assets. Engaging your email subscribers with useful content that deserves to be in their inbox, not spam, is an essential part of making these campaigns successful. Also making sure you’ve addressed key deliverability considerations such as SPF records, the number of links within your email, how many subscribers marked your email as spam or moved it directly to the trash, will determine how successful email marketing is for your digital brand.

Radio and television marketing:

The mass media, via which a single message can reach thousands at a time shouldn’t be left behind. These are most accessible means of communication and reach even the common man, who may not have access to social media. To target such audience, radio and television marketing is essential.

Digital marketing cannot function on the basis of any one pillar – you need to consider factors, sync all the pillars and devise an effective strategy to cut through the communication barriers and become more accessible to your target audience.

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